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With an IPX7 water obstruction rating, a tough case made of elastic, a petite casing and a tear-safe silicone tie – the SoundLink Micro, on paper at any rate, ticks all the privilege boxes for a go-anyplace Bluetooth speaker. In any case, at Rs 8,999, it isn’t shoddy.

The SoundLink Micro, which looks essentially like a squared off hockey puck, is accessible in three hues – dark on dark, midnight blue with violet and orange with plum. It has adjusted corners, is greatly small and petite and is made out of silicon elastic.

The SoundLink Micro probably won’t be the most prettiest Bluetooth speaker in the market however it beyond any doubt is a standout amongst the most rough. The IPX7 water opposition rating and silicon elastic outside guarantees the speaker is fit for dealing with anything from tumbles to dunks in water – be it clear, foamy or salty.

The tear safe tie is likewise a greatly clever expansion which empowers the speaker to be connected to a huge number of things such a waist band, a bike handle, snares in the kitchen or washroom, a rucksack – you get the float.

The shrewd tear safe lash alongside the waterproofing and rough packaging makes the Micro inconceivably flexible and raises it from being simply one more compact Bluetooth speaker. I dunked the Micro in water ordinarily (while playing music) and treated it mercilessly amid my two weeks of testing and I am glad to report that it survived the difficulty with no hitch at all.

The fabricate quality is additionally first rate – the miniaturized scale feels thick, strong and fit for surviving long periods of mishandle. The moderate fasten top and as an afterthought for control, Bluetooth, play/delay and volume are additionally thick and very much outlined. The main chink in the protective layer is the miniaturized scale USB port for charging – which learns about of place in a world which is quick moving towards the USB-C standard.

How about we make one thing straight appropriate out of the case – the Bose SoundLink Micro does not sound on a par with the now likewise valued (however not as little, rough orwater safe) Bose SoundLink Color 2. It needs warmth and the highs are not as clear and sparkly. Having said that, the Bose SoundLink Micro performs surprisingly well for a speaker of its size – with fresh, clear and itemized sound.

sizesizeThe mids are expressive and definite and the highs are fresh and sparkly – while never winding up excessively unforgiving. Lows are tight and punchy however bass heads will be left needing. What is great is the instrument partition and layering – which far surpasses one’s desires for a speaker of this size.

As a speakerphone, the SoundLink Micro performs astoundingly. Truth be told, it completed a superior occupation at getting my voice than its significantly more costly kin – the SoundLink Revolve+ – which I assessed a couple of months prior.

Bose guarantees that the SoundLink Micro has a 6 hour battery life – which is truly normal notwithstanding for a speaker of this size. Gratefully the cases are met effectively, but with music at 60 – 70 percent volume. Shooting tunes at full volume may bring you marginally less battery life. As said over, the nearness of a microUSB port for charging is somewhat disillusioning.

Introducing the Bose Connect application (accessible for Android and iOS) opens a couple of additional highlights, for example, the capacity to set an auto-off clock, empower/handicap voice prompts and flip the gathering mode which enables you to combine different Micros or other SoundLink speakers together.

Basically – the Bose SoundLink Micro is an in fact expensive however equipped Bluetooth speaker. In the event that conveyability, toughness and waterproofing are essential to you, the SoundLink Micro makes for a phenomenal buy. As specified above, you will be unable to discover a speaker this little that sounds this great.


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